EZ Electric Power Steering fitting centre

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Station Garage Whitland is pleased to offer this great power steering retrofit. If you find your classic car steering is heavy, there is now a great solution.

The existing steering rack or box remains unchanged and thus retains the standard steering ratio and setup. The amount of assistance is fully adjustable and is sensitive to speed and load. When we install the EZ system, we use CNC laser cut bespoke brackets designed to fit the original mounting points of your car. As no holes are drilled, with no cutting or welding to the chassis or body, the car can always be converted back to its original steering column. Under the bonnet there are no changes, everything remains as original. The advantages of an electrical system opposed to a hydraulic system are numerous. The electric motor only uses power when steering assistance is necessary whilst a hydraulic pump is continously operating when the engine is running. A hydraulic setup generally uses around 4 bhp and therefore consumes extra fuel, even when driving straight ahead.

Because the electric power steering system is truly speed sensitive, it will steer light at low speeds and not become lighter at high speed. The amount of assistance can be selected by turning a potentiometer, so that the driver can select the desired feel (i.e. more assistance with wider tires and/or a smaller sports steering wheel’. With a classic hydraulic system there is usually little feel and no possibility to adjust this at all.

In the unlikely event that the electric power steering system has a defect, the car would steer exactly like it did prior to power steering conversion. If a car fitted with an hydraulic system would have a fault the car would steer extremely heavy.

Book your car in now for the team at Station Garage to help you convert your classic car steering to feel more responsive.

DINITROL Treatment Centre

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Rust proofing your Vehicle

Underbody chassis corrosion protection & rust proofing treatments

Station Garage is an official Dinitrol treatment centre offering all year round protection for your vehicle. This cost effective treatment stops corrosion from becoming a problem over the years and help maintain your investment value.

MOT Testing Whitland

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Station Garage Whitland have a modern,fully equipped MOT facility to ensure we give you the best possible service.

As required by law an annual MOT test must be carried out on all vehicles that use the public highways and are over 3 years old.

It is advised to get your MOT renewed before the old test runs out, you can present your vehicle to a testing station 1 month before your current certificate runs out.

MOT test checks that your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards.

The MOT test is standard across the UK and a record of your pass will now be uploaded to the government central database.

We can test all makes and models of vehicles, diesel or petrol, our equipment complies with all the latest emission testing regulations.

The checks Station Garage carry out are devised by the DVLA, and include:

  • All the vehicle’s lights work
  • Tire tread and condition
  • Emissions meet current regulation
  • Brakes and driving controls have no signs of excessive ware or corrosion


Check your MOT status on line

You can use this form to find out the MOT test status of a vehicle. You can check:
• the date of the test
• the odometer reading (mileage)
• the expiry date of a test pass


Special offer

10% of your MOT when you book a service


Remember having an MOT is not the same as having your car service,


Book your service now

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24 Hour Recovery

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24 Hour Recovery Emergency Helpline – 01994 240304

20160123_12195724 Hour Recovery service when you need it, please ring the office on 01994 240304 if you need assistance.

For all your emergencies you can rely on us to help you out.

If your car has broken down then we can rescue you and your car.

Apart from emergencies we also offer pick up and deliver service for prestigious cars, great for getting your show cars to and from events.


Car Parts

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Car, van and agricultural parts when you need them. We can get most parts to you on the same day if you order by 2 pm

Please give us a call to enquire what parts you require

We hold good stock of tyres, batteries and Exhausts


Various makes, wheel balancing, puncture repair


Batteries replaced, we can check if there is a problem with your current battery and recommend a replace if required


Blown and corroded exhausts replaced

Motor Factors

If we don’t have your part in stock we can order any part that you require quick and cheaply, we get 4 deliveries a day so you won’t have to wait long .

Engine Diagnostics

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car-repair-362150_1280If you see an warning light on your vehicle dashboard then this is an indication that there could be a problem with your engine

Most modern cars are controlled by an ECU which is the engine management system and these systems can help engineers diagnose faults with the engine reliably and quickly.

At Station Garage Whitland our expert technician can diagnose common faults with your vehicle with the use of diagnostic computers which plug directly into your car electronics system.

Common Questions

What Is An Engine Diagnostic Check?
All modern cars are controlled by an ECU (Engine Computer Unit) and when there is a problem with the car then an error code is recorded and can help diagnose a problem quickly.